Travel Route and Road Closures

To facilitate the move of the house from Chapel Rd to its new home, various roads in the Easton area will be temporarily closed or re-routed on an rolling basis during the course of the move.  In order to minimize impact to the community, the house will move only during the overnight hours. The information below reflects the current plan for the move; however, dates are subject to change in light of weather or other events. This page will be kept current with the most accurate version of the move plan.

Summary Route Information


Click for a map of the complete move route, presented by Google Earth. The details related to timing for closures and detours is available broken down by day on the subsequent tabs.

Day 1 - 10pm Mon., Sept. 9 to 1am Tues., Sept 10


Travel across Chapel Rd at Paper Run Rd.  Chapel Rd and Paper Run will be closed to all traffic in both directions at Paper Run Rd.


Day 2 - 7pm Tues., Sept. 10 to 6am Wed., Sept. 11


Travel across RT 50 and down 322 until after the Washington St intersection. Rolling closures of RT 50 in both directions and detours onto the bypass will be in effect throughout the overnight hours. Upon completion of the RT 50 crossing, 322 will close to traffic through the Washington St intersection.


Wed., Sept. 11 to Thurs., Sept. 12

Layover day, no movement.

Day 3 - 7pm Thurs., Sept. 12 to 6am Fri., Sept. 13


Travel down 322 from south of the intersection with Washington St to Port St. 322 will be closed to all traffic as the move proceeds through the Glebe Rd, Marlborough Rd, St Michaels Rd, Bay St and Port St  intersections. Detours back to RT 50 will be in place for traffic incoming or outbound to the peninsular areas.

Day 4 - 10pm Tues., Sept. 17 to 5am Wed., Sept. 18


Travel down Port St to Talbot County dock at Easton Point. Port St will be closed to traffic in both directions as the house crosses the road. No detour will be available.